CLINOps Polska Your professional partner in the management of clinical trials

Clinical trials management covers not only monitoring process.

This is the extensive process of managing the implementation of new investigational medicinal products and medical devices. There is need to cooperate with medical doctors, Regulatory Authorities and many vendors. This requires smooth and gentle communication with people.

This process also includes the management of extensive medical records.

CLINOps Polska also offers a rental of laboratory equipment such as centrifuges, refrigerators, etc.

The only way of success is to think of clinical trials from the management perspective.

I am looking forward to cooperating with you.

The company has been operating since 2004.

Cooperation, as a Clinical Research Associate, Lead Clinical Co-operating with a global company PAREXEL.

Cooperation, as a Senior Clinical Research Associate, 
Project Manager and Regional Consultant for Europe with operating in the Central and Eastern Europe business EastHORN Clinical Services in CEE, Synteract and OCT Clinical Trials.

CLINOps Polska have been cooperating with PPD, PSI, Chiltern, MTZ, Isofol Medical, and several Polish SMO regarding lease of medical and laboratory equipment and patients travel costs reimbursement.

The cooperation includes a comprehensive surveillance of clinical trials ranging from the centres and researchers, through communication with bioethics committees, the Regulatory Authority and the preparation of contracts, monitoring, and ending with the closing process of clinical trials.

Previous therapeutic experience includes the following fields:

- Cardiology, anaesthesiology, pulmonology, paediatric, oncology, neurology, surgery, nephrology, dermatology, ENT, endocrinology and metabolic disorders.

Tomasz Lusawa, MD, Owner

05-119 Jozefow
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